7 Mistakes to avoid when interviewing online

Online interviews are one of the alternatives or ways that companies must recruit new employees during the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Job applicants like it or not have to adapt to this new system. So far, some job applicants have started having difficulty following the selection process through online interviews because they are not used to it. So for those of you who are going through a series of recruitment processes like this, we want to share 10 tips to avoid during online interviews. Hope this helps!

What is the most common problem to avoid during interviewing online?

  1. Forgot to check internet connection and sound / video quality

Forgot to check internet connection and sound

The first thing to check and prepare for an online interview is the readiness of your device. Failing to check your internet connection can be a fatal mistake, potentially disrupting the interview. Recruiters are certainly a little uncomfortable if there is an internet connection disruption, especially if it lasts a long time. In addition, interviews often get choked up because the sound and video quality is not good. You have to make sure your voice and video quality is good before the interview. Don’t let the recruiter not communicate with you too clearly because of these two things.

  1. The wrong camera placement

The wrong camera placementReporting from The Verge, the second mistake that is commonly made during video interviews is the wrong camera placement. The good thing is, the position of the camera is level with your eyes, so that your appearance on the video will also be better. You can use objects around you as a base or backrest so that your smartphone or laptop camera is in the right position.

  1. Focus on yourself

During job interviews, employers often ask questions that lead to answers about yourself. However, when answering, make sure you don’t talk about what you want. Instead, answer with a statement how you want to help the company grow. If you want to talk about what you want, make sure that desire is in line with the company’s success.

  1. Dress too casually

Dress too casuallyEven though online interviews are conducted from home, it doesn’t mean you are relaxed in your clothes. Remember, even recruiters are well prepared to interview you. Avoid wearing informal clothes such as t-shirts or t-shirts. Use formal clothes as when you interview in person. Dress up enough to make you look even more attractive. Appreciate the interview invitation from the recruiter by conducting yourself well.

  1. Do not condition the house to be conducive

An important point in conducting distance interviews is a conducive home environment. Noise at home can be a major distraction throughout the interview. Not conditioning the atmosphere of the house would interfere with the course of the interview. If you do the interview from home, it’s good to prepare a special room away from the crowd. If necessary, give understanding to other family members to be more calm during the interview.

  1. Do not understand the company and its products

If you don’t understand the company you are applying for and the products or services it offers, then you are not doing the basic research needed before the job interview. Why should the company bother considering a candidate who has no business knowing the company? You will also be seen as having no interest in the company. Think that the company took the time to read your CV before the job interview, but you are not trying to find out the company profile.

  1. Didn’t ask for the next stage

A mistake during the next job interview is not gathering information about the next selection stage. Also know who the right person to contact is to find out the results of the interview. This information is important for you to be able to prepare for the next selection stage. You can also ask how long it takes before the graduation announcement. Some companies do not provide information on whether you qualify or not. This means that if you are not contacted within a certain period of time, you will not qualify.

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