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New study: Germany's employees are dissatisfied 
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A new study by a Danish start-up has revealed dissatisfaction among Germans. Compared to Scandinavian countries, Great Britain and the USA, they would recommend their employer less frequently. This result was measured using a new method.


Study thanks to learning algorithms

The survey shows one peculiarity in comparison to conventional studies: The survey was not only carried out on a random day of the year, but continuously. In contrast to annual rounds of questions, the young Danish company Peakon focuses on modern solutions: During the survey, the employees interacted with a...

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2019 Hiring Outlook: The Employee Experience
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A report was released about the 2019 Hiring Outlook and the main topic of interest was employee experience. The main details being the 4 different ways that can be used to attract, engage and retain employees in your firm in the current competitive market.

In this article you will get insight into some of the factors that impact the employee engagement greatly and their general well-being. This is all with an aim to assist the employer to have an easy navigation through today’s market. There is a very competitive job market for employers, and the hiring outlook will offer some of...

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Employer Branding: These 5 topics were particularly interesting for HR Managers 2018
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Finding good and reliable personnel is an increasingly demanding task. This is shown not only by the statistics on vacancies, but also by the topics HR managers were most interested in – according to our DSP selfcampaign that analyses which articles managers read in 2018. For example, 43 percent of HR managers in 2018 were looking for articles on recruiting. 


Recruiting via social networks

In 2018, professional networks such as Xing and LinkedIn continued to gain importance in recruiting. According to a recent study by the job portal "Monster" in cooperation...

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Is Your Workforce Fit for the Future?
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Leaders preparing their workforce of the future are well aware of the challenges they'll face. These include securing growth while tackling new opportunities. With a focus on people, it's important to ensure excellent performance while boosting personal development. 

A PwC Survey

The majority of companies know that a skilled workforce is critical for the future. However, only around 33% have talent programmes to maximise people skills. Moreover, only around 34% of those surveyed by PricewaterhouseCoopers on “Preparing for Tomorrow's Workforce Today”...

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What really occupies HR professionals: The biggest HR topics for 2019
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What do HR managers and HR managers focus most on in 2019? Which topics are particularly urgent? In cooperation with the DSP selfcampaign, we analyse the most widely read HR articles 2018 and come to the following conclusion: There are numerous issues in human resources. The individual top topics are closely entwined. Nevertheless, they give an indication of the most pressing areas in human resources: 


10. Probation

Regulate the probationary period fairly, comply with legal regulations, conduct probationary period discussions: HR managers are very preoccupied with all this. As a...

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The Emerging Power of the Employees
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Concerning the employer side, the opinion of one's employees is increasingly gaining popularity and value. How essential are the applicants to the negative employee ratings on your employer review portal and to what extent do they affect your organisation's reputation and employee development? The Rundstedt’s career and outplacement consulting recently identified this in its representative Talents and Trends survey.

According to the Von Rundstedt study, more and more young talents or job seekers base their decision for an employer on the comments in review...

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Practical Advice
How to Boost Productivity and Improve Retention with No-Cost Employee Incentives
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Money isn’t the only way to motivate employees. More staffers want recognition and incentives. Keeping your workforce motivated and loyal is essential to running a thriving business. If your employees feel undervalued and overworked, they are going to slow down their efficiency. 

The right kind of employee incentives can make a world of difference in your overall productivity. Proper incentives offer real value and produce efficient staffers and more so, loyal ones. 

However, employee incentives can get very costly quickly. Herein are smart ways to give your employees...

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Benefits of an Excellent Organizational Culture
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An organization's culture is the only unique identifier despite your USP. It may look similar to others, but it is uniquely distinct to your company. If your business has a strong organizational culture, it clearly differentiates your company from its competitors in the mind of the firm’s stakeholders. It includes shared values and believes that are established by the company’s management, and then communicated and reinforced through various techniques that ultimately shapes your employee behaviours, perceptions and understanding. 

Organizational culture is essential...

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Tips to Enhance Your Employee Retention
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No matter the stage or size your organisation is currently at, having workers leave is not a good practice for any business. When your company experiences a high employee turnover rate, it can cost you double worker’s salary to hire and train a replacement. 

A high turnover results in financial repercussions as well as lowering the knowledge base in the company. Also, it affects the performance and morale of other company employees. If your company want to avoid such situations, it is advisable to retain the best employees. Here are the main tips that can help you keep your...

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Excellent Practices for a Successful Employee Offboarding
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Off-boarding is the process of removing a worker from a company either due to termination or resignation. As company leaders are working to improve their employee working experience, this process often remains an area that requires closer attention. Most firms are more equipped and prepared than ever to attract more outstanding employees, onboard them with training, control their performance and expressively recognise their benefits and contributions. 

Currently, the care most employers provide their workers during their arrival often fades away upon their departure, which is a...

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